New Horizons for me (Music and Fedora)


Well, it’s been a long time since I posted on this blog…

The reason is that my time is always strict; in the previous months, I’ve been busy testing the pre-releases of Fedora and helping out Italian users on

Overall, volunteering for the Fedora Project is exciting, entertaining and always useful. Not only I’ve got the chance to contribute to the overall stability of the OS, but I also keep on improving my individual skills. That’s really important, since my daily job is really far from IT, which is the kind of “science” (subject) I love the most. Yes… Being a part of the modern processes around Fedora, is always interesting.

…But that’s not enough…!

Recently, I discovered that, besides IT, music is my REAL passion. I’ve tried to dismiss and forget it, because I thought it’s not as important as studying/learning new things about Fedora/Python and other “geeky stuffs”. I can’t really describe my feelings: I think I lost my way and ended up being too nervous, anxious, self-constrained.

So… I started – once again – to slap the strings of my bass guitar. Then, I tried to remember and follow some exercises learned during some singing lessons I took them around three years ago (or so). Most importantly, I kept on writing down my own songs, especially when it comes to lyrics.

The result is the one-man band project called “Sons Of New Sins“, where I produce music, using Fedora and Open Source software only. I’ve uploaded two – instrumental – songs until now, but I hope to release more bits as soon as possible. Also… I chose YouTube for now, but I hope to find a more suitable platform. And, by the way, here’s the link for “Gone”:

Well… If you like this kind of  “Rock ‘n’ Roll” and “Trance” mixture… And if your Open Source project needs a soundtrack… Feel free to contact me!