Gnome Shell – How I fixed graphic flickering

After years of KDE, I recently switched to Gnome because I really enjoy the working environment it offers “out of the box”.

One issue I encountered with my ATI card, was the presence of annoying visual artifacts which was affecting my workflow. Being a programmer for hobby, the graphic flickering of my LxTerminal’s tabs was a problem I wanted to solve.

Luckily, after messing around with dconf-editor (as unprivileged user, not as root), I found what seems to be the right solution for my chipset.


Gnome Shell – How to disable animations

While browsing “org->gnome->desktop->interface“, I found that unchecking the “enable-animations” CheckBox did the trick. Restarting the Shell applied the setting and saved my eyes.

I don’t really need an eye-candy DE: I was just seeking something useful in order to write lines of Python code without worrying about the rest. So… Even if the interface lost some of its charm, the overall experience surely improved after that change.


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