Fedora: how to switch from KDM to LXDM


The DM (Display Manager) is an application shown at the end of the boot process which allow users to log in, with an eye-candy interface. Typically every DE (KDE, Gnome etc.) has got a DM shipped and configured by default.

KDM is the default DM of KDE. It’s themeable and configurable via the standard KDE’s graphical tool. However, there are lots of alternatives for people who seek a simpler behaviour.

The piece of software explained here is called LXDM. Even though it has been developed for LXDE, it doesn’t need lots of dependencies. In order to apply LXDM, we have firstly to install it by root.

# yum install lxdm

Since it’s ready, we can customize it a bit. lxdm-config it’s an application which creates available results system-wide, so we must use root again.

# lxdm-config

lxdm-config is an useful tool to customize the login screen

lxdm-config is an useful tool for customize the login screen

As every LXDE’s app, this tool is simple, clean and easy to use.

Clicking on the icon (the pig on the screenshoot) we are able to change the user’s face. In the same row, we can also enable the automatic login

We can also change wallpaper clicking on the folder under my name (giulio). We are far from KDE’s themes, but this time the configuration is not an needle in your eye.

So… We customized the look and feel of our DM. Now, we have to get rid of the previous one and setup LXDM. Most of the tutorial which I have found are deprecated, since systemd changed Fedora’s way of living a lot. The steps are the following:

# systemctl disable kdm.service

# systemctl enable lxdm.service

Once rebooted, we can admire our new, lightweight and customized login screen!


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