How to change theme in Plymouth

Plymouth is the default bootsplash in Fedora, since version 10.

Standard repos include some additional themes, so we can change the graphical behaviour of our distro.

Since we are making changes to the whole system, all the following input must be typed by root.

First of all, we are able to know which theme is running at the moment:

# plymouth-set-default-theme

We could also know which themes are already installed:

# plymouth-set-default-theme –list

As I said before, Fedora’s repo include some alternatives:

# yum search plymouth-theme

I love the solar theme (the on of the image on the top of this post), which was the default of an old release. If I want it again, I have to install it:

# yum install plymouth-theme-solar

Then, I should set it up with the following command (the -R parameter is important because we have to rebuild the initrd):

# plymouth-set-default-theme solar -R


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